Skills and Development

Child-friendly learning

These classes, help children to keep fit and develop core physical skills; they will grow in confidence and self esteem too.  As well as all this, the activities are designed to support early brain development and helps children to set the foundation for maths learning.


Take a look below at some of the skills we help children to develop during our classes:-

Core Physical Skills

During our classes, children will develop core movement skills including: agility, strength, flexibility, control,  coordination, balance, rhythm, self expression, spatial awareness, musicality and more.  Our classes cover many of the development skills reccommended by the Department of Education. Content is also aligned with the Early Years Framework and Primary Dance PE curriculum.

Multiple Senses

Children love to move and explore the world around them with their body.  Our activities harness this natural instinct by keeping them moving throughout. The music, movement and visual stimulation helps children to fully immerse themselves in what they are doing. This helps to stimulate the brain and helps recall learning. We encourage children to vocalise their actions too. The perfect recipe for holistic learning.


Mathematical Intelligence

Our activities support children to develop their early mathematical intelligence. During our classes, they will experience simple maths themes such as number, shape, space and direction – all by bouncing around to music! They will do a bit of maths without knowing it! Our content and techniques help children to develop their visuospatial skills – recent research has found this helps them develop a mathematical mindset.

Confidence & Wellbeing

Our classes help children to feel good about themselves. Taking part in physical activity helps the body to release happy endorphins as well as builds strengh and stamina. The fun and engaging activities help to motivate children to try things for themselves and learn at their own pace too.  This approach gives all children the chance to build confidence, self-esteem and supports their overall wellbeing.

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