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For Infant, Primary and Special Schools

We help you to inject fun and energy into learning with our Dancing Digits live show and classes. Children love joining in with our active and engaging activities and they can be free to use their bodies to learn without pens, paper or devices.


This revolutionary, cross-curricular learning programme is the perfect solution to inspire your children in maths and to enjoy learning. You can book our live Dancing Digits show and interactive classes as a one-off ‘wow’ day or as a half or full term package.

"A great way for schools to energise the PE Provision and reinforce the Maths Curriculum too!"

There are so many benefits for children taking part in these classes, plus the skills children develop relate directly to the PE and maths curriculum too!

You can find out more about the packages we offer schools below.



If you would like us to deliver Dancing Digits in your School, please contact us.


Jump and count to music

Practise positional language such as high/low, infront/behind

Make numbers with their bodies

Copy and create their own dancing patterns and shapes

Count in rhythm and rhyme

Dance up and down a number line

Play greater and less than games…

Inject fun and energy into your curriculum...

Packages for schools:

Wow Day!

The WOW day includes:





The Dancing Digits WOW Day is the perfect way to engage your pupils, make learning creative and add a bit of fun to maths too!

Live Show

This fun and engaging school maths show brings the maths curriculum alive with dance, music and voice! A team of professional dancers will demonstrate fun ways to dance about maths by performing funky routines set to up-beat music.

Children will watch the dancers perform dancing calculations, play number games, dance with their number bond partner, perform a routine from a bar chart and lots more. To keep the children engaged there’s lts of audience interaction too…

The interactive workshops are fun, physical and the perfect follow on from the Live Show. Each workshop lasts for 40 minutes and they are for a class of up to 30 children at a time.


Children will take part in a dance warm up and have lots of fun learning some of the mathematical dance steps from the show.

All our staff are highly experienced, have CRB checks

and public liability.

Interactive Workshops

“The children were spellbound, the perfect start to maths week”

Block of classes


WEEKLY CLASSES for a half or full term block


The weekly classes are a great way of covering your PE curriculum (dance) and they can be used for PPA cover too. The sessions are very physical and include a dance warm up, practical tasks, learning set dance routines and a cool down. The classes build upon learning each week and includes maths topics that relate to the maths curriculum.  Content is tailored to the needs and ability of each group.


Full Programme

If you are looking to inspire your whole school to have fun with maths and really embed creative learning into your curriculum, we recommend the full programme, including:

*The WOW DAY (Live show & workshop day)

*WEEKLY CLASSES for a half or full term block


*STAFF CPD (optional)

Live Show & Workshop Day

The programme starts off with the LIVE SHOW and INTERACTIVE WORKSHOP WOW DAY. This is great way to engage and ‘edutain’ all children at the start of the programme.

Weekly Classes & Pupil Performance

Following on from the WOW DAY, your chosen classes will take part in weekly sessions for a period of 5 -13 weeks, covering a half, or full term block.


At the end of the block of classes, the children perform in their own Dancing Digits Show! This can be performed live, or, we can record and edit a video for you to share with the rest of the school and parents.

“Our year 4 children loved performing the Stomping Multiplication dance! What a great way to help them remember their timestables!”

Digital Resources

As part of this package, we will give the children access to our online Dancing Digits videos where they will be able to go over some of the dances and activities themselves. This is a perfect tool to encourage blended learning and can be used in school or at home. Some schools use this for a lunchtime or after school dance club too…


These digital resources are a useful method to support children to learn at their own pace, go over anything they want to try again, or complete the challenges and extra tasks.


The online resources are a fun way to involve parents in maths learning too. We can even set a Dancing Digits Family Fun Challenge for your school!

Stomp the timestables

Perform dancing calculations

Create Mathematical choreography

Dance the digits

Make a bar chart dance

and lots more!

Feedback from schools:

Skills & Development


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