Our Story

The initial concept for the Dancing Digits learning programme started in 2006.
Rebecca Hart, founder of Dance in Education company has continued to develop and deliver this unique learning experience for children for the past 15 years.

The first phase of development of this programme received funding from the Arts Council. The aim of this initial project to research and produce a cross-curricular touring show that helped school children experience maths learning through the creative arts.
The Dancing Digits live show for Primary Schools was born! Ever since this first show was created, Rebecca and her team have continiously developed and refined a full learning programme for schools. 

Message from the founder


Hello, welcome to Dancing Digits!

I love helping children grow, develop and achieve through the arts. As an advocate for creative learning and an experienced and passionate teacher of performing arts, I regularly experience the joy and benefits that these disciplines have for children.


When I first embarked on the Dancing Digits project research, I was quite excited to find out what impact making maths more kinesthetic would have for school children. There is one thing for certain – children love to move around whilst learning! This, with the recent research in neuroscience tells us that supporting children to learn through their multiple intelligences and with a more kinesthetic approach has many benefits.



"My mission was to find ways to bring maths to life and make it fun for primary school children"

Research and Development

 After consulting teachers and children in a few local primary schools, we created all kinds of activities that bought maths to life through dance, drama and music.

For example; we helped children to practise the timestables by stomping out the rhythms and patterns, we made human graphs and grid coordinates, performed reflecting dances, made calculations with our bodies and all kids of things… We even led lots of teacher training events to share our teaching and learning ideas.
After receiving such positive feedback from teachers and children, we created the Dancing Digits full learning programme as a service for schools across the UK.


Our Schools Programme

To date, we have toured the Dancing Digits programme to over 430 Primary and Special Schools across the UK. Over 100, 000 children have enjoyed our Dancing Digits show and workshops.
You can find out more about our schools programme here, or contact me directly if you are a school interested in booking our live show or weekly classes.
Email rebecca@dance-equation.co.uk.

Our Early Years Programme


Due to popular demand, in 2019 we researched and developed a special programme for Early Years children. Our Dancing Digits learning programme for Early Years, helps children to make positive associations with numbers and shapes before they start school.
Our unique pedagogy also helps very young children to develop visuo-spatial skills, coordination, balance and lots more. You can find out more about the Early Years programme and the benefits for children here.

More about us...

The Dancing Digits brand is part of Dance Equation Ltd.

Dance Equation was founded in 2001 by Rebecca Hart. The company provides UK schools with all kinds of dance services as part of the PE curriculum and enrichment.

To find out more about Dance Equation and our work in schools, please take a look at the videos below. You can also visit the Dance Equation website here.