The Benefits

Learning Through The Body

This revolutionary, fun and active learning programme is the perfect solution to motivate your children in maths by learning through the body.


These classes offer the perfect solution for parents wanting to support children to enjoy learning, keep active and hapy positive associations with maths before they start school.


It is also a great opportunity for Nurseries, Primary and Special Schools to inject fun, energy and creativity into the curriculum.

"The most natural way to develop early mathematical intelligence"

There are so many benefits for children taking part in these classes, plus the skills children develop relate directly to the Early Learning Goals.


If you would like us to deliver Dancing Digits in your Early Years setting, please contact us.



Learning outcomes include:

Children Find Maths Fun

The happy feelings and sense of joy children experience during our classes give them positive associations with maths. When children are jumping, counting and bouncing around to music, it adds the ‘fun factor’. If they find maths fun from an early age, they are more likely to have the ‘I can do maths’ attitude when they are learning in the future too.

Helps Memory & Recall

Our unique approach encourages each individual participant to be fully engaged by connecting their mind and body whilst learning. Our multi-sensory learning techniques allow children to draw upon their individual learning styles. This helps them to become immersed in what they are doing, make emotional connections and recall their learning too.

Grow in Confidence & Wellbeing

Our classes help children to feel good about themselves. Taking part in physical activity helps the body to release happy endorphins as well as builds strengh and stamina. The fun and engaging activities help to motivate children to try things for themselves and learn at their own pace too.  This approach gives all children the chance to build confidence, self-esteem and supports their overall wellbeing.

Keeping fit and active

Keeping children fit and active are incredibly important with the recent raise in childhood obesity. Government are encouraging Schools, Nurseries and Parents to add more activity into the day. Our Dancing Digits classes are a great way to keep children active as well as practising a little bit of maths too – the perfect combination.

Helps kids to feel good about maths!

Helping children with maths anxiety

“Two million children are thought to have maths anxiety in England”


We help children to dispel their fears of maths with our fun, physical and creative activities. Please contact us to find out how we can help your children have fun with maths.

 Take a look at this news feature highlighting some of the benefits of our Dancing Maths programme for schools:-