About the classes

Fun, Physical & Multi-sensory

Dancing Digits is a revolutionary learning programme for young children. Following our unique formula: MOVEMENT + MUSIC + MATHS, children love joining in with these fun, physical and multi-sensory activities every week.

These classes offer the perfect solution for parents wanting to support children to enjoy learning, keep active and feel good about maths. These classes are also a great way for Nurseries and Schools to inject fun and energy into the curriculum too.

"My son loves to jump and shout out numbers!"

During the classes children will:

Jump and count to music

Practise positional language such as high/low, infront/behind

Make numbers with their bodies

Copy and create their own dancing patterns and shapes

Count in rhythm and rhyme

Dance up and down a number line

Play greater and less than games…

Older children will also...

Stomp the timestables

Perform dancing calculations

Create Mathematical choreography

Dance the digits

Make a bar chart dance

and lots more!

Helping kids to LOVE MATHS!

"The most natural way to develop early  mathematical intelligence"

There are so many benefits for children taking part in these classes, plus the skills children develop relate directly to the Early Learning Goals and Department for Education National Curriculum.

If you are a parent, you can search and book a class for your child straight away. If you are interested in booking us to visit your school or nursery, please contact us. 


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