Movement & Music
Makes Maths Fun!

"The most fun and natural way to develop early mathematical intelligence"

Movement, Music & Maths!

Classes For Young Children

Dancing Digits classes gives children the chance to have fun with numbers and shapes through movement and music. The perfect solution to help keep them happy, healthy and feeling good about maths from an early age.

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Helping Kids LOVE Maths!

"The most fun and natural way to learn"

Jump, count and bounce around to music! What fun!

Children love joining in with our active and engaging activities every week.

They can be free to use their bodies to learn without pens, paper or devices.

“Children from all year groups, from nursery up to year 6, found the workshops fun, engaging & educational. Their enjoyment throughout the activities and dances was obvious, and they continued to enthuse about their experiences afterwards.”

Matthew Lawrence


“My class were hooked from the warm up. Rebecca led them on a fabulous Maths journey for World Maths Day. To see the whole class enjoying maths in a physical lesson was a pleasure.”


Mr. Hassel


“I would like to thank you and your students for a fantastic performance and workshops. We all enjoyed the most interesting and motivating  way in which you integrated Maths and Dance. Our pupils (and Teachers) certainly had a lot of fun and gained so much from this enlightening experience.”


Yasmin  Khalique

Over 10 Years Of Research

Engaging Content

Dancing Digits is a revolutionary learning programme for young children.

Following our unique formula: MOVEMENT + MUSIC + MATHS, children love joining in with these fun, physical and multi-sensory activities every week.

“My son loves counting and moving in time with the music.” 

High Quality Research

Our unique pedagogy is the result of over 10 years of research and development. To ensure we are maximising the opportunitiy to support children in the best way, we have created the curriculum content in consultation with Teachers and Early Years professionals.

“The underpinning research is high quality”

“The leaders are highly engaging and their enthusiasm is infectious. My son doesn’t stop giggling when he copies the the teachers making number shapes”


Sam Guest


“A great way of harnessing energy and enthusiasm. The creative lessons were very engaging and improved concentration. The ‘stomping timestables’ will be very useful to use with our focus on timestables. This is a fun way for introducing new units of work and for a maths starter activity in the classroom. All teaching staff learnt alot from the CPD session.”



Various staff



“My daughter loves dancing – these classes are a wonderful way to help her become familiar with maths before starting school”


Helen Gibbs